Bakhoor Naaim 40gm (Small)

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BUKHOOR NAA'IM Arabian Incense 40GMS by My Perfumes of Dubai

Fragrance NOTES: Sandalwood and Bulgarian Rose - Fresh, Musk & Woody

  • Naa'im features notes of Sandalwood and Bulgarian Rose
  • Bakhoor is the name given to wood-chips soaked in fragrant oils
  • One of our best-selling bakhoors
  • This incense comes in moist compressed block form
  • The block can be broken into 9 smaller cubes
  • A small amount from each cube can be crumbled over your favorite bakhoor burner
  • Once opened, keep Bakhoor Naaim moist by keeping it wrapped in a ziplock bag
  • Enjoy the most beautiful fragrance in your home
  • Bakhoor penetrates fabric too so your home will smell amazing longer
  • Receive compliments from guests!
  • Purchase with a charcoal incense burner/mabkhara or electric mabkhara
  • Makes an amazing gift!
  • Pair bakhoor Naa'im with spectacular Naa'im Water Perfume for a beautiful gift set!

If you love the fragrance of this bakhoor, try it in tablet form & water perfume.



Perfect for Gifting: Combine with the following items to make a spectacular gift set for any occasion.
Pair your Luxury Globe burner with highly-popular Naa'im Bakhoor (40GMS)Naa'im Bakhoor (Tablets, 100GMS) and beautiful Naa'im Water Perfume!




Method of burning a Bakhoor:


To use, break a small amount of incense and place onto your charcoal burner or an electric bakhoor burner, usually a pinch is enough. Crumble less for light fragrance and light smoke, crumble more for strong aroma and greater smoke. Keep adding more once smoke and fragrances subside. Be sure to dispose of ashes and soot safely, once cold.