Bakhoor Khalifa small 40gm



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Bakhoor Khalifa from Otoori - 40gm
by My Perfumes UAE

- Introducing Bakhoor: A luxurious experience of fragrant wood-chips soaked in aromatic oils.
- Best-selling sensation: Our customers can't get enough of our top-rated bakhoors.
- Moist compressed blocks: Our incense comes in a unique, compact form that releases a heavenly scent.
- Break it down: Each block can be effortlessly divided into nine smaller cubes for convenience.
- Unleash the aroma: Simply crumble a small amount from each cube over your favorite bakhoor burner and let the magic unfold.
- Lock in the freshness: Keep the delightful Bakhoor Khalifa moist by securely wrapping it in a ziplock bag.
- Transform your space: Indulge in the most captivating fragrance that will infuse your home with beauty.
- Long-lasting allure: Bakhoor penetrates fabric, ensuring a lingering, amazing scent that will enchant you for longer.
- Compliments guaranteed: Prepare to receive praise and admiration from your guests for the mesmerizing aroma in your home.
- Complete the experience: Enhance your bakhoor journey with our premium charcoal incense burner/mabkhara or electric mabkhara.
- The perfect gift: Treat your loved ones to the extraordinary delight of our bakhoors and make their day truly special.

Gift this bakhoor with a burner of your choice to make a great gift for any occasion.



Method of burning Bakhoor:

how to use a bakhoor by AttarMist

To use, break a small amount of incense and place onto your charcoal burner or an electric bakhoor burner, usually a pinch is enough. Crumble less for light fragrance and light smoke, crumble more for strong aroma and greater smoke. Keep adding more once smoke and fragrances subside. Be sure to dispose of ashes and soot safely, once cold.

Use only a pinch to burn in an electric or charcoal burner.

Complete your order by purchasing a Mubkhara (Bakhoor Burner) or Charcoal to burn your Bakhoor.