How to Apply Concentrated Perfume Oil (Attar)


Concentrated perfume oils are wonderful additions to your scent collection. They go directly on the skin and have great sillage and performance. However, each perfume oil has a varying strength so its best to test the perfume by applying a little on your skin first. Perfume oils like dehnal oud and deer musk (Kasturi) are strong scents so a little goes a long way. 

If you like the perfume to sit lightly and close to your skin (light sillage) then only apply a small dab of oil with the applicator stick or roller ball. To get greater projection and stronger sillage, go ahead and apply more liberally. Perfume oils can stain clothes so be mindful of getting it on your clothes.

To enjoy perfume oil to its fullest degree, apply it to your skin. Not only does it perform better due to the heat from your skin but depending on your skin type it smells different too.

The best points of application are inside the wrists, behind the ears and neck, chest and behind the knees.  Hydrated skin holds fragrance longer so its good to make sure your skin is moisturized before applying perfume. Hence applying perfume oil after bathing is the most desired time. Try to avoid rubbing the perfume oil into your skin as this causes top notes to fade too quickly. 

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