About Us

Perfume is all about creating beautiful fragrant moments and magical memories. We at Attar Mist love fragrances and we are passionate about presenting customers with gorgeous exotic fragrances from the East at our online store. Our selection is home to a great variety of perfume oils (attar), EDP spray perfumes, Bakhoor (arabian incense) and mabkhara's (arabian incense burners) and of course exquisite Oud (Agarwood).

Arabian fragrances are a strong, distinct and very beautiful part of the culture. If you have experienced arabian incense/perfume you will know that it is unforgettable and evocative of so much joy. Attar Mist brings you quality fragrances and incense that will transform your home into a haven of heavenly scents. 

Arabian aromas are simply out of this world. Once you try them, you will love them just like we do!

So come and take a look at our products and indulge your olefactory senses in this eastern luxury.

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