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20% OFF - Fathers Day Discount

9th Jun 2022

Fathers are so special and they deserve every day to be fathers day! Attar Mist is having a storewide sale this week so you can buy something for the special man in your life and get a great discount … read more

How to Layer Your Perfume.

6th Jun 2022

Why would you even want to layer your perfume? Here are a few reasons: To create a unique scentTo increase the longevity of your fragranceTo project your fragrance farther and longerCreate a Unique S … read more

How to Freshen Your Home.

15th May 2022

Everyone loves to have a fresh smelling home but there are some things which will definitely sabotage your desire for a great smelling home. Before you use your favorite air-freshener, incense or pot- … read more

What are Extrait de Parfums?

25th Apr 2022

Did you ever wonder why some perfumes are considerably more expensive than others? Even the smaller bottle is more than reasonably priced!? Well, it could be that it is an "Extrait de Parfum". Ex … read more