Tongs & Metal Cup set for Bakhoor Burner | Incense Burner Accessories | Pack of 5

Attar Mist

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Tongs and Metal Cup for your Bakhoor Incense Holder & Electric Incense Burner. 

Metal Incense Burner Dish:

  • Perfect accessories: Use in electric incense burner for burning incense, resins & liquids
  • Protect burner plate: Liquids & resins can potentially damage an electric burner if not placed in this dish
  • Slow burn rate: Prevents bakhoor from burning too fast
  • Keep burner plate clean: Prevents incense residue build-up
  • Easy to replace: 4 cups included so you can replace a cup once it becomes too soiled

One Pair of Tongs:

  • Save your fingers: Use the tongs for moving hot incense/resin/herbs 


Cup dimensions: 4.53" diameter

Package includes:

  • 1 Pair of Tongs
  • 4 Metal Cups