Cozy Fall and Warm Winter scents

Now that Fall has finally swept in with it's chilliness in the air, it's time to bring out your jackets and warm clothes.  Start up your warm fires and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or a steaming bowl of soup. Take your layer of warmth to another level and envelop your sense of smell in long lasting gorgeous warm and sweet fragrances that are perfect for the cooler weather.  

Vanilla fragrances are perfect this season if you love warm sweet notes. Al Ramal Al Dahabi (translated as golden sand) is a timeless classic that has light floral, fruity notes with a heart of vanilla and musky ambery base notes.  See what our customers have to say:

"This scent is very unique because it is warm and, at the same time, it is not overwhelmingly sweet like a lot of other scents. I put this on my on the inside of my wrists and it lasts for days (even after washing my hands several times throughout the day)." Yusra S. 
Habat Al Oudh




Habat Al Oud is a gorgeous oriental perfume with musk, amber and sandalwood base notes. However, it is the perfection of vanilla and oud notes in the fragrance that make it unique. It is sweet, subtle and positively alluring.



Ward Hariri






AsgharAli's Ward Hariri 6MLopens with top notes of Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Cinnamon and Saffron.
The heart notes include floral Centifolia Rose and the base is amber and oudh that give the scent great a mellow rich longevity.



Amber Attar 6ML





Amber Attar 6ML by AsgharAli is a floral woody scent that has subtle spicy heart notes of saffron and nutmeg and deep undertones of musk and sandalwood. The base notes are warm and earthy. 


Tiger Oudh Elixir






Tiger Oud Elixir will sweep you away. Its' sweet yet warm notes are beautifully balanced with a touch of rich oudh that is not too overpowering.



Exotic Oudh EDP




If you are looking for a stronger earthy oud fragrance, then try Exotic Oudh by AsgharAli.  It has floral and ambery notes too but it is the oudh that plays center stage.

"This exotic Oud spray is beyond amazing! Jazakoum Allah khair for the fast delivery as well. Looking forward to purchasing more!"  Rama D.

Dehan Al Oudh Laousi AsgharAli




Dehn Al Oudh Al Laousi is an oudh lovers delight. It is a traditional high quality arabian woody earthy scent that is simply amazing.



So, try something new this fall and lavish yourself with oriental scents that are perfect for this season.