Oud Al Layl 15ml By Arabiyat


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Oud Al Layl Concentrated Perfume Oil 15ML by Arabiyat of My Perfumes of UAE

Unisex but very masculine fragrance!

  • "Oud al Layl" means Oud of the Night
  • Fine oud fragrance that will make you smell amazing
  • Highly concentrated mossy woody/oudy floral chypre fragrance
  • Enjoy notes of Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Magnolia, Orris, Citruses, Amber, Agarwood and Oakmoss
  • Has great longevity
  • A little application goes a long way
  • Layer this concentrated perfume oil with the Oud al Layl Eau de Parfum spray for even greater performance
  • Makes a superb gift!


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