How to Layer Your Perfume.

5th Jun 2022

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Why would you even want to layer your perfume? Here are a few reasons:

  • To create a unique scent
  • To increase the longevity of your fragrance
  • To project your fragrance farther and longer

Create a Unique Scent

Once you learn how to layer, it is so much fun to create a fragrance no one has. Your fragrance becomes individual to you and what you love. Tip: when layering, don't choose two strong heavy perfumes. Instead, choose a simple fragrance with notes like musk, sandalwood and vanilla. The second fragrance can be one with complex notes to deliver more intrigue.

Some simple light concentrated perfume oils include: Sandal RoseSandalwoodAl Ramal Al DahabiJasmine and White Musk.

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Increase Longevity of your Fragrance

This is a great technique you can use to enhance the notes that you love and take the fragrance to another level! For example, if you have a perfume that has gorgeous fresh citrusy notes, you might want to pair it with another fragrance that shares that common note. This will also increase the projection and longevity of your fragrance.

Project Your Fragrance Farther and Longer

This can be done by using the same fragrance in multiple product forms. An example is to use a scented shower gel/body wash and then layer on top of that, the matching scented perfume oil. You could then use the spray perfume to finish off. The power of your fragrance has now increased significantly!

Try Oud & Vanilla Extrait de Parfum and Oud & Vanilla shower gel or Khashab & Oud Brown.

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More Tips:

  • In order to successfully layer and make your fragrance last longer, be sure to apply after bathing and moisturizing your skin with a neutral smelling lotion or body cream. If you skip this step, the fragrance will be absorbed by your skin and not last as long. 
  • Use an unscented deodorant. Body odor will disrupt the beautiful scent experience you are trying to create.
  • Make sure to apply perfume to your pulse points. The heat from those areas activates the fragrance so it projects better.
  • If you want to leave a scent trail behind you, then apply the fragrance to the back of your neck too.
  • When layering perfumes, don't apply more than three. It is better to stick with two unless you know exactly what you are doing!
  • Spray your fragrances apart from each other, not on top of each other. For example, spray on two separate parts of your body.
  • Try spraying the lighter fragrance first. Wait a bit before you spray the second perfume. 
  • Clothes made from natural fiber (hair is also a natural fiber) will hold perfume longer than your skin so if you want to increase the longevity of the fragrances, make sure to spray some on your clothes too!

Now it is time to experiment and have fun!