Al Ramal Al Dahabi - Golden Sand

Attar Mist


Al Ramal Al Dahabi Concentrated Perfume Oil

Choose your bottle size: 3ML, 6ML, 12ML


Top note: Floral (Damascena rose), slightly fruity (grapefruit), balsamic

Middle note: Balsamic (vanilla), floral (honeysuckle), slightly fruity, musky.

Base note: Balsamic, floral, musky, ambery

  • Available in three sizes 3ml, 6ml and 12ml
  • Fragrance family: Fougere balsamic
  • "Al Ramal Al Dahabi" translates to Golden Sand in Arabic
  • Enjoy this sweet vanilla fragrance with fresh floral/herbal notes, delightfully mixed with floral, fruity and musky notes
  • Best-selling sweet unisex fragrance 
  • Highest quality, long lasting perfume oil
  • Perfect as a favor for any occasion
  • Great gift idea for someone who loves attar!

Pair Al Ramal Al Dahabi with Qamar Al Layali EDP to make a splendid gift set!