How to Freshen Your Home.

15th May 2022

Everyone loves to have a fresh smelling home but there are some things which will definitely sabotage your desire for a great smelling home. Before you use your favorite air-freshener, incense or pot-pourri, you need to rid your home of the source of all odors. See the following pointers to help you get your home fresher than ever!

The most important way to make your home smell great is to first remove any sources of odor. It will make the biggest difference! Let's look at the most obvious places in your home:

  • Entryway - Smelly shoes, damp/dusty rugs/carpet
  • Living room - Stained/dusty/dirty carpet/furniture/cushions
  • Dining room - Food spills on floor, unclean dining furniture
  • Kitchen - Trash/sink/fridge, food spills around and under cooker and fridge
  • Bedroom - Unclean carpet/pillows/mattress/comforters/blankets
  • Bathroom - Dampness and mildew, toilet, leaky products under sink
  • Laundry room - Mold/mildew, damp clothes, smelly washer/sink
  • Pet places - Cat litter/pet cages/enclosures/pet beds/pet food trays/pet toys
  • Basement - Mold/mildew, dead rodents
  • Ducts - Odors in HVAC (heat, ventilation and air conditioning) due to mold/mildew 

An item to invest in for homes that get heavy traffic and spillage/soilage is a steam cleaner. Its great for carpets, rugs, hard-floors, furniture and perfect to keep the car/truck/R.V. etc. in tip-top condition!

Tackle each room with some diligent cleaning, dusting and regular ventilation. Address mold and mildew by following  this link. Uphold a regular cleaning routine and prime your home for some exotic air-freshening accessories. 

Now your home will hold the fragrance of spectacular incenseair-fresheners, or any other scent for longer!

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