Oud Water Perfume 35ML


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Oud Water Perfume 35ML

by Otoori Unisex

If you are looking for a beautiful arabian fragrance that will most definitely be loved by you and others, this is a must-try fragrance!

  • Oud, fresh, spicy, balsamic, and woody notes
  • Alcohol-free
  • Good sillage (perfume trail left in the air)
  • Good longevity 
  • Receive compliments on this great fragrance!
  • Perfect gift for men & women
  • On Sale!!! Get yours before stock runs out!
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Oud Water Perfume can be used to spray your clothes before ironing to lock in an Oudh fragrance into your apparel.

Buy Oud Water Perfume with Oud & Oud Shower Gel to make a sensational gift set!