Bakhoor Charcoal Disc

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Easy to light, odorless charcoal discs for use in Mabkhara (Bakhoor Burner). Used to help burn any of our Bakhoor incense.

You are purchasing a stick of small size charcoal discs, with 10 discs in each stick.  These are wrapped in foil to preserve freshnes. 


Each disc lights easily with a match stick or kitchen lighter, let the flame touch the charcoal until you see sparks travel across the disc.  In a few minutes the disc will turn white, which means it is ready to use.  Place a small piece of any of our Bakhoor Incense on top of the burning charcoal to fill your house with a wonderful aroma.

Each tablet is roughly 33mm (1.25") diameter.

Package color may vary from the one shown here.