Regal Bakhoor Burner


Regal metal bakhoor burner (Mubkhara).  Beautiful even without the bakhoor, combine with Bukhoor for a perfect gift combination.

Good quality steel with handles on both sides to hold the burner when incense is burning. Comes with top tray to burn the incense and bottom part of the burner acts like an Ashtray.

Don't forget to complete your purchase with any of our exotic Bakhoor collection and burning charcoal discs.  Add any of our bakhur to make this into a complete gift set.

Product Options
3 colors: Gold, Silver or Bronze.
Size: Small, Medium or Large.

Approximate Mubkhara Dimensions:
Small - Height 4", Diameter 3"
Medium - Height 5", Diameter 4"
Large - Height 6", Diameter 5"

Care Instructions: Handwash with light soap only

Please note that the grill design of the mubkhara may be slightly different to that shown on the website.