Intricate Carousel Electric Mabkhara Large

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Beautiful Electric Intricate Metallic bakhoor burner (Mubkhara) with embedded crystals.

Dimensions: Height 10", Width 5"

Comes with top tray to burn incense, just plug in and with a flick of the switch you can burn your favorite bakhoor. The mabkhara has a top lid with holes which can be placed on top once the bakhoor is burning.  As the bakhoor burns, fragrant plumes of smoke will emerge from the holes in the mabkhara. This burner will not only look stunning and decorative wherever you decide to place it but it will function to perfume your home and clothes with incredible arabian fragrances.

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Please note that the grill design of the mubkhara may be slightly different to that shown on the website. Also please note this item is handmade.