Electric Incense Burner Bakhoor Burner, 110V (Hexagon Small)

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Arabian Electric Mubkhara (Incense Burner) Hexagon Small
Suitable for use with USA / Canadian voltage (110v) and plugs

Height: 7"
Width at top : 4.5"
Width at bottom: 3.5"

This metallic arabian electric burner comes in five different lustrous and attractive colors.  With an arabian motif on each face, it gives an air of an oasis in an eastern desert.  Some burners may come with a rose motif.

Just flick a switch and you can start burning your favorite bakhoor (incense) and not have to worry about lighting charcoal.  Simple and easy!

Suitable for USA Voltage (110V) and Plugs, no adapter or converter required if used in USA.

Please note that the upper metallic part of the burner should not be touched as it will get hot with use and therefore should be used under supervision away from the reach of children and pets and should be kept well away from lose hanging curtains or any other material that may get burned or catch fire if in too close proximity. 


UPC Codes

Black: 651343591795
Bronze: 651343591207
Copper: 651343591313
Gold: 651343591320
Silver: 651343591337