Khashab & Oud Brown Concentrated Perfume Oil


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Khashab & Oud Brown Concentrated Perfume Oil 15ML by Arabiyat



Top Notes: Oriental

Middle Notes: Woody

Base Notes: Cedar

  • This is a luxurious classic oriental woody perfume
  • Enjoy the bold sensual notes of Khashab & Oud Brown
  • Be prepared to receive compliments
  • Great longevity
  • A must-have for your oud collection
  • It is the perfect masculine scent however, arabian fragrances are unisex and women can enjoy wearing it too
  • Makes a superb gift! 
  • Create the perfect gift bundle with Khashab & Oud Brown Eau de Parfum and bakhoor
  • Tip: to create great sillage, layer Khashab & Oud concentrated perfume oil with Khashab & Oud Eau de Parfum