Perfume Notes Demystified

Perfume Notes Demystified

24th May 2021

Everyone loves perfume but not everyone understands perfume notes. Let's demystify this topic so your love for perfume will be taken to new heights!

As you will notice on our website, all our perfumes have 3 scent layer descriptions. Each layer makes its presence known on the wearer at a particular time. Perfume creators use their impeccable knowledge of perfume notes in the fragrance to create a beautiful symphony that enthralls the wearer as well as the passerby. The opening is the first aroma you detect from a perfume and it comes from the top/head notes. Top notes give the fragrance its first impression.  This is the scent that causes most people to buy a fragrance. However, the top notes stay on the skin for the shortest time. These notes usually consist of citrusy, fruity, spicy, floral and ozonic notes. 

The middle/heart notes emerge as the top notes start to fade. As the name suggests, the heart notes are the heart and main character of the perfume and will strongly influence the base notes to follow. Heart notes will stay with you for much longer and usually consist of the most beautiful floral, herbal or spice notes. 

Base notes last the longest and leave the greatest impression of all. They usually consist of rich notes such as woods, amber, gourmande, musk or resin notes.

The heart and base notes are the true perfume so make sure to let the scent stay with you long enough that you experience the real beauty of the perfume.

Try the following exotic arabian perfumes and experience and enjoy each scent layer. All crafted with love by MyPerfumes of Dubai.

1. Rooh Al Ittihad starts with strong sweet smelling aldehyde notes and gradually fades into stunning musky notes which finally end with luxurious rich oud. 

2.  Al Faris opens with spectacular citrus notes. The heart is beautiful floral with cashmere wood and the dry down is rich musk and vanilla.

3. Lamsat Harir has a gorgeous fruity opening which later on gives way to exquisite rose notes. The base/dry down is lavish amber and vanilla.