Noble & Bold: "Al Faris" is the Arabian Horseman By Arabiyat of UAE

29th Apr 2021

AL FARIS - Available at

This popular oud wood perfume is one of the fastest selling perfumes in UAE. The name Al Faris conjures up images of the noble arabian horsemen riding their beautiful loyal arabian horses in the desert.  

The fragrance opens with cypress, geranium, and orange blossom notes gradually making way to floral musky notes with a superb dry down of musky notes that will leave you mezmerized.

This unforgettable eau de parfum is one to add to any masculine wardrobe.  It is versatile and can be worn at any occasion. Al Faris comes in a simple yet stylish flacon. A must have scent for any man! 

Watch a review of Al Faris by AC at his youtube channel "Smells Good".