Luxurious and Sensual Concentrated Perfume Oil By Asghar Ali of Bahrain

3rd May 2021

Sundus Attar Oil By Asghar Ali of Bahrain - Available at

The name Sundus in Arabic describes the garments of Paradise worn by its inhabitants: a form of fine silk/silk brocade - beautiful to look at and immense pleasure to wear.

Sundus Oil is an intensely beautiful unisex perfume that comes from the house of Asghar Ali of Bahrain. Well known for their superb quality perfumes, Asghar Ali created a perfume that will enthrall and delight the wearer of Sundus. Sundus exhudes fine floral oriental top notes and fruity sweet heart notes. The base is warm woody musky. The perfume bottle also captures its allure in its multifaceted shimmering bottle which comes packaged in a gorgeous box.

This high end perfume oil is really spectacular both inside and outside the bottle. If you want a gift that stands out. This has to be it!