Exotic Ways to Fragrance Your Favorite Spaces

3rd May 2019

What an amazing feeling it is to walk into a space that smells wonderful!  Scents and fragrances make unforgettable first impressions and vivid memories. At Attar Mist, we have great fragrances that will impart the most spectacular aromas to your home, office, place of prayer or any living space.

Incense/Bakhoor is an easy way to quickly have a large space scented with exotice fragrant smoke plumes.  The bakhoor burner which holds the incense can be moved around from room to room so the entire home smells amazing. Attar Mist has a fantastic selection of bakhoors from Dubai and Bahrain; you will not be disappointed! The bakhoor can be burned the traditional way, using charcoal or the simpler way which is to use an electric incense burner.

Air freshners are also easy to use when you just need a quick spritz to impart a fragrance quickly to a smaller space. Head over to AttarMist.com to find a great variety of choices and fragrances that will be suitable for any space awaiting to be made special.

Water Perfumes are water based and are great for clothes and linens as well as skin. Spray over clothing/bedding/fabric and then iron to lock in the fragrance.  Why not try out something new and novel?

Bed and Body Mists are wonderful fresh fragrances that you can spray over your bedding, and of course body.  Presently, Attar Mist has four fragrances that are delightfully light and refreshing.

Four super ways to impart luxurious fragrances to your favorite spaces.