Elegance For Your Home - Luxury Octagon Incense Burner

Elegance For Your Home - Luxury Octagon Incense Burner

27th May 2020

Accessories are the perfect additions to give your home décor unique personality and style.

Attar Mist has a wide selection of wonderful bakhoor burners also that look stunning as decorative items. The Luxury Incense Burner collection consists of elegant pieces which compliment any décor. The Luxury Octagon Burner is a shorter height than our other luxury burners, making it suitable for placing on a side table or small mantelpiece.

If you are looking for a unique gift for a bakhoor enthusiast, this will be one to consider. Its available in two beautiful colors and will add a touch of class and style to any home décor.

Luxury Octagon Bakhoor/Incense Burner - Available at AttarMist.com

Gabrielle Gaines Review: 

"Great purchase. Very cute addition to your home decor while making it smell good. I choose bakhoor incense and I feel like royalty in my home."

Watch the video below to see both burners up close and how to use them.