Are Gifts Given During Ramadan?

Are Gifts Given During Ramadan?

27th Mar 2022

It is not an obligatory act to give gifts during Ramadan but giving gifts always feels good and Ramadan is the time of year when Muslims strive to be more kind, and more generous. Due to the nature of this month being a blessed time of year when good deeds are multiplied more than any other time of year, Muslims enjoy giving gifts that are particularly useful and beneficial.

Quran with color coded tajweed rules & word to word translation

Ramadan is the month of Quran so it is only fitting that the first gift idea is the Quran. Check out the following list:

Sandal Rose - Light & Gentle fragrance

Perfume oils/attar/ittar are a great gift to give so that one can smell good during the day and especially at times of worship since most Muslims will be spending a great deal of time in the masjid trying to attend many of the prayers and especially Taraweeh (special optional prayers performed only during Ramadan in congregation) and night prayers (offered between Taraweeh and the morning prayer (Fajar). Sometimes, brothers will bring their attar to the masjid and personally go about sharing perfume which is a beautiful gesture. Perfume oils/attar sit closer to the skin as compared to perfume sprays which project fragrance farther. So attar is a great choice for fragrance during Ramadan.

Bakhoor Naaim & Pillar Luxury Charcoal Burner with tongs

Giving bakhoor/Arabian incense/bakhoor burner/incense holder makes a nice gift so one can fragrance their home too. Rich fragrant smoke is released upon burning bakhoor. The smoke penetrates the fabric in the home and leaves it smelling nice for several days depending on how often bakhoor is burned. Often guests walk into the home and compliment the way the house smells. Bakhoor is used in masjids too as it imparts a luxurious fragrance to the prayer area and adds to the specialness of Ramadan in the masjid. Bakhoor smoke is used to fragrance clothes and hair too!

See how attar and bakhoor are used to fragrance the holiest of places in Islam. Anyone who has been there will tell you it smells amazing and you never forget the fragrance!

Mens Islamic Attire/Thobe

Soft Islamic prayer rugOther nice gifts in Ramadan include prayer rugs, hijabs (woman's long head covering), jilbab (woman's long outer garment), and Islamic attire for men. New clothes will always be welcome for wearing during the month of Ramadan.

Miswak/Siwak Natural Toothbrush - No need to use toothpaste. Can be used 5 times a day for sparkling teeth!

Siwak/miswak is a wonderful natural gift that can be used to keep the mouth and teeth clean and fresh all day during the fasting season. It is cheap but so useful and beneficial for the mouth, teeth and gums.

Quick Hummus Recipe

For some who are super busy and don’t get any time off work to relax this month, a nice caring gift would be a cooked meal. The reward for feeding a fasting person is immense plus that person can devote saved time to worship. It doesn't have to be so lavish either. Even a nice homemade hummus with pita bread will be appreciated!

Californian Medjool Dates

If you can’t cook a meal, gift dates! Dates provide the much-needed energy boost upon breaking the fast. It is so healing for the body and so nourishing. Do not underestimate dates as a gift!

Water Bottle for Ramadan

A nice water bottle will be appreciated because it is easy to forget to drink enough during this month. It can serve to keep much-needed water/hydration drink on hand so fasting becomes easier.

Printing/sharing a link of dua’s for those special days and nights is a valuable gift so no moment need go wasted. 

These are some ideas of good and beneficial gifts that anyone will love to receive this month of Ramadan.