New Ship Design Tray Set

MSRP: $150.00
Was: $130.00
Now: $100.00
(You save $50.00 )

Beautiful metallic jewelled Gift Tray Set comprising of several accessories to hold and perfume your home. Perfume and Bakhoor metal beautifully designed and crafted.  This gift will make a stunning centerpiece in any home.

Limited quantities available, assembly required.


Contents feature

  • One tray set, decorated with intricate design.  The base is coated with a reflecting mirror
  • One electric mubkhara 
  • One Bakhoor storage container to store your favorite incense sticks or bakhoor
  • One Attar bottle you can fill with your favorite Attar (perfume oil)
  • Rose water sprinkler
  • A pair of tongs
  • All items are shipped with plenty of sheet padding to keep the contents safe