Incense Charcoal Burner Mubkhara - Hexagon Crescent - Silver


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Hexagon Crescent Charcoal Burner - Silver

Simply stunning with filigree cross pattern and decorative gems encrusted in a delicate floral motif design around the waist and base of the burner.  

Comes with a perforated tray which holds the charcoal for burning bakhoor.  Place your favorite exotic incense, incense cone or resins such as frankincense and myrrh on top of the charcoal and enjoy the scent of the fragrant plumes.  

A beautiful luxurious gift for any special occasion for your loved ones or as a decorative piece to adorn your home, place to pray or office.


Dimensions: 6.65" x 6.65" x 12.2"

Please note that the burner may be used with or without the lid.  However, caution is advised when burning incense with the lid as it will get extremely hot.  Please handle accordingly with care.