Incense Burner Bakhoor Burner - Luxury Chalice

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  • Price includes 10 Charcoal discs in one foil wrapped stick
  • Box of ten sticks, each stick contains 10 charcoal discs.

You are purchasing 100 charcoal discs.
  • Silver square charcoal box

Luxury Chalice Incense Burner by Attar Mist


The Luxury Chalice Incense Burner makes a beautiful addition to your home décor.  It comes in two designs: bronze and brown both with hand painted gold accents. Accessories included are perforated tray for holding burning charcoal and gold tongs for handling bakhoor.

Suitable for Resin, Frankincense, Bakhoor or traditional Japanese and Chinese remedies.

Use Charcoal (purchased separately) to burn your favorite incense.