Incense Burner Arabic Coffee Pot - TALL

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  • Bakhoor Al Arabia 40gm
  • Bakhoor Al Safeer Floral 190gm by AsgharAli -
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12 bakhoor balls
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  • Oud Muattar Kwakab Al Sharq by Arabiayt
  • Oud Muattar Khashab & Oud by Arabiayt
  • Oudh Mubakhar Super
  • Price includes 10 Charcoal discs in one foil wrapped stick
  • Box of ten sticks, each stick contains 10 charcoal discs.

You are purchasing 100 charcoal discs.
  • Silver square charcoal box

Arabic Coffee Pot designed charcoal Mubkhara

Color: Gold

Height: 20"

Diameter of center: 10.5"

Diameter from handle to spout: 16"

UPC: 651343591290


Coffee pot charcoal mubkhara, with Arabic coffee design and beautiful handwork inset with jewels.

This mubkhara stands almost 2ft tall and has intricate design.  Burn your favorite bakhoor with style