Bakhoor Al Maisera 300gm + 30ML - AsgharAli

Experience the exuberance that radiates from the invigorating fragrance of BAKHOOR AL MAISERA, masterfully designed by Asghar Ali as an emblem of simplicity and grace. Made of the richest quality ingredients, it weaves together an aromatic bouquet of raw materials as the fragrance unfolds its delightful opening notes of cinnamon, saffron, nutmeg into a strong middle wave of rose, lily of the valley, patchoulI and mixture of the essence of oud, vanilla and amber. The lingering aroma keeps you going all day long by rejuvenating your mind and keeping your surroundings blissfully fragrant throughout the day. BAKHOOR AL MAISERA - Eau De Parfum Natural Spray is an Oriental Floral Spicy fragrance for both men and women. A fragrance with a soothing vibe and representing modern era charm. This pocket spray is derived from the bakhoor itself and comes in a simple gold metallic finish inside a beautifully designed package of Bakhoor Al Maisera. It is truly heavenly.

Oriental Floral Spicy

Cinnamon, Saffron, Nutmeg

Rose, Lily of the valley, Patchouly

Oud wood, Vanilla, Amber