Perfume Samplers


Not sure which perfume to pick, if you are a patchouli or bergamont person?

Or, wondering how musk goes with sandalwood, or Oudh with rose?

Now you can purchase our samplers to try out our Attoor (perfume oils) risk free. Just select your favorite Attar or two from the list and we will do the rest.


Want to be surprised?

Select 'Surprise me' and we will send a sample from our top selling perfumes.


Need more than two samples? Add this product twice, or as many times you wish, to your cart.


Please note:  You have to choose a perfume or select 'Surprise me'.  Once selected you will see the price of the perfume you selected added.  If you do not choose any option at all, a price of $1 will be displayed.  In this event, if you continue to add this to your cart, we will send you a 1/4 ml of a perfume of our choice.