BAKHOOR MAARIJ 200GRM + 50ML by AsgharAli

Bakhoor Maarij a unisex fragrance, brings an enchanting scent of Flower Mix, with the top notes of ylang-ylang as the main composition and followed by the heart notes of honey, orange blossom, rose, orris and tuberose, while other elements are also added to enhance the floral notes that bring life to this scent from woody, patchouli and cashmere wood, followed again with powdery musk, amber, woody notes and balsamic aroma, which also composes of the classical base notes. Included with Bakhoor Maarij is a 50 ml spray bottle of the same fragrance and a 200 grams of Bakhoor powder.

Both items come in a beautiful gift box with an ornate golden spoon for taking out bakhoor.